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Jim Meyer On His Bonniville Record Breaking Bike
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Adjustable Stance
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Adjustable Stance

Jim Meyer Racing Products are engineered and built with the at home mechanic in mind, no special tools required to tune your ride in your own garage. We produce the only adjustable stance chassis and IFS in the industry and here's how it works, so you can have the stance that's right for you

No other chassis or IFS manufacturer offers 4-corner stance adjustability like Jim Meyer Racing Products. We feel Quality Is Everything and the Stance really makes the look of your ride. Now you can have it the way you like it. We recommend it on the ground where it really looks the best!

Front Stance Adjustablitiy

3" to 4" of Front-IFS or Chassis Adjustibility

Basic Adjustablitiy

We build a very beefy front crossmember to give you an adjustable stance IFS. They are made from 2X4 box tube with a .188-inch wall thickness. The upper coilover mounting point is adjustable up-and-down for your favorite stance. Each IFS we build for a chassis or IFS includes four ½-inch X13 threaded holes in the upper A-arm tower for the upper coilover shock mount (or bag mount). Since there are two holes in the bracket, the four holes offers you a three position upper mount adjustment (using two holes for each movement up-or-down). These three positions will give you about 3-inches of adjustment up-or-down.

Basic Adjustablitiy

For extra strength, the mounting surface of the bracket has a double thickness where it mates to the upper tower. The bracket can be flipped for an additional 1-inch up-or-down.

Basic Adjustablitiy

The lower A-arm also offers a 2-hole mounting point that will raise-or-lower the coilover for about another 3/4-to-1-inch. Also, notice the difference in length of this upper bracket in the two photos. We offer two bracket lengths for coilovers with smaller collars that can be closer to the frame or ShockWaves air springs that have larger collars. The short bracket is 1 5/8-inches from the coilover hole to the mounting surface, while the longer one is 2 ¼-inches.

Rear Stance Adjustablitiy

3" to 4" of Adjustibility With Street Rod Style or Drag Racing Style Brackets

Basic Adjustablitiy Basic Adjustablitiy
Basic Adjustablitiy

We give you at least 3-inches of stance adjustability at the rear with our multi-hole mounting brackets for either coilover shocks or ShockWave air springs. Both styles of brackets shown: Our 3-hole Standard Street Rod Bracket or our adjustable multi-hole Drag Racing Style Bracket will accept coliovers or ShockWaves. The Drag Racing Bracket offers more adjustment, about 4-5-inches. Both upper brackets have a fixed two-position mounting point. We would normally use this upper outer-hole for the larger diameter ShockWave air springs. Notice how we incorporate “torque struts” between the housing and the coilover shock Drag Racing style brackets. This helps to eliminate housing “wind-up” under torque loads.

Transmission Mount Adjustablitiy

Basic Adjustablitiy

The multi-position transmission crossmember is actually in three pieces. It comes with the center trans-mount pad not welded to the outer tubes. This way, the two outer arms that bolt to the X-member's slotted holes can be shortened (to fit inside the center pad tube) as they slide back. The center mount can then slide back over the outer arms and be welded together. This is an adjustable one-shot deal that will fit just about any transmission length. The center pad can also be turned upside down for another couple inches of movement down if necessary. The chassis is also wiring and brake line friendly. The round holes in the front of the X-member arms next to the frame rails are for brake lines, wiring or whatever. This way those items don't have to go under the frame rails to the rear. They are not for exhaust tubing, since they are 1 ½-inch od tubing.

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